Monday, May 24, 2010

Woe is me...

I'm going to say this in as genteel a manner as I possibly can...I feel like shit. And to make matters even worse, my son feels even more like shit than I do. We both have a cold. Not surprising considering we left the already hot and humid weather of the south and arrived home in Kansas to rain and temps in the fifties. Neither of us had clothes appropriate for the weather since, in my infinite wisdom, I left all of our fall/winter clothes at my grandparents when I was attempting to fit everything we couldn't live without in the car. So now, here we are, both sick as dogs and feeling like...well...shit.

It's the worst thing in the world really. Knowing that your baby feels bad, and feeling so bad yourself that you barely feel like taking care of yourself, much less anyone else. But I'm doing my best to put my own illness aside and care for his. And ordinarily I would be flooding my system with every cold medicine on the market in an attempt to get rid of my own symptoms so I feel well enough to care for him. But of course we didn't have any cold medicine on hand at home. And even worse, they don't make cold medicine for babies. So all I can do is snuggle him close, suction out his snotty little nose, and tell him that Mommy's sorry he feels poopy.

Never take your good health for granted friends, for it is truly a blessing.


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